Amazon Associates

That great (big) online shopping giant Amazon has established a unique program that allows nonprofits like VoCal to raise money in a way that is a win-win for everyone.  All you need to do is, whenever you need to order something online, go to instead of just plain-old   When you get there you'll see the same exact items you see on the normal amazon store and, more importanly, the same prices.  However, for everything you buy, Amazon donates 2% of your purchase back to VoCal.


How does it work, you might ask?


Well, the Amazon assumption is that by offering this greta deal, it will drive volume to their site.  They figuer this little endeavor might raise them a little more good sold and more revenue.  That's a win!


For VoCal, all we need to do is remind you to shop at and then a check shows up in our mailbox every month.  It's amazing how easy they make it.  Not huge checks, mind you, but not immaterial.  All of your collective shooping adds up.   That a win!


And you, the purchaser/fan, get to do something you'd already do, buy stuff, and at the same time, through no extra effort, you make a donation to one of your favorite (we hope) nonprofit causes - Vocal!   That's a win!


So please feel free to pass that web address on to other family and friends.  It really costs you nothing, but her at VoCal, it's a huge help.


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