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Voices of California thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:


Larry Womac 1-7-17

Larry Womac, Chapter President

Larry Womac has been singing barbershop as a bass for eight years. He takes voice lessons from Jo Black to hone his singing skills and is always trying to figure out ways to improve. Joe Samora while attending a free concert at Carmichael Park, discovered Larry who was the bands narrator. Joe asked if Larry had sung before to which he replied, no. Joe invited Larry to a chapter meeting and that was the start of Larry's barbershop singing career. Larry has held almost every position in chapter leadership and currently serves as Membership Vice President IVP) for VoCal. He recently competed at the District convention in Riverside, Ca and sang bass with the quartet, West Coast Sound.


Larry Halvoson 1-7-17

Larry Halvorson, Music Vice President

Larry has been a Barbershopper since 1978.  In his career he has sung on the International stage 19 times in a chorus with 8 medals, 20 times in a quartet with 2 top 20 finishes and 2 district championships.  Land of Lakes District 1994 with PrimeTime and Far Western District 2012 95 North. He has held almost every office in the chapter administration and has been apart of the creation of 3 chapters. 


Rich Hartmann 1-11-18

Rich Hartman,  Chapter Development Vice President

 I am married to the most wonderful woman I can imagine and I have six amazing little people that call me Papa.  I found barbershop harmony shortly after high school and for two years I discovered what it was like to sing in a quartet. Then life took me in a different direction . I started a family and a career. About 6 years ago Barbershop Harmony found its way back into my life. I've been a barber shopper for a total of 9 years now and when I look back at all the singing opportunities I've had in my life, being a barber shopper has been by far the most rewarding. I am honored to be associated with other barbershoppers who have outstanding integrity and truly care about one another.


Rich Brunner 1-7-17

Rich Brunner, Marketing Vice President

Rich has been singing barbershop since he was in high school (long time ago!) and carried that passion forward when he earned a degree in Music performance. He's a four time quartet champion of the Far Western District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Rich is a past President of the chorus and serves as Lead Section Leader.  When he's not singing, Rich leads a technology services organization.


tim jackson III

Tim Jackson, Secretary 

Dr. Tim, a practicing Chiropractor has been singing with top level choruses in the Sacramento area for the last 15 years.  His Barbershop singing started two and a half years ago when he wanted to switch from Classical to a Men's chorus platform.  Joining Voices of California enabled him to sharpen singing skills and enjoy the wonderful sound of Men singing in close harmony.  Dr. Tim is a native Californian living in the Sacramento area for 35 years.  He is married 40 + years to the love of his life Sue.  They enjoy family and gathering with their 4 married children and 13 grand children.  


Maass 1-7-17

Jim Maass, Immediate Past President

 A barbershopper for more than 40 years Jim has been involved with seven different chapters. Over the years he has held various leadership positions, and begins 2017 in his second term as President.  For ten years, he was an Interpretation Judge for barbsershop contests.  He is a retired educator from Truckee where he taught American Government and Economics at the high school finishing his career as the district’s technology director. He also served on the local utility board as an elected official for 28 years.

Music Team

Kevin Palmer, Baritone Section Leader

"Kevin has been a singer since 13 years old starting out singing in a church choir with his grandfather. He also sang in a variety of musical theatre shows up until he was 16. He began singing Barbershop at 16 when he got into his High School quartet called "Sac Street Boys" in Chico California. He sang lead in that quartet for 2 years and when he graduated he began singing for the Bidwell Generals chorus in Chico also as a lead. Kevin strived for a more competitive and energetic chorus so he joined Voices of California in 2016 singing Baritone. After a few months in VoCal he began singing in a Youth Quartet called "Western Harmonics" and sang on the International stage in Las Vegas in 2017. Kevin is a front row member in VoCal and enjoys performing and competing. Starting in 2018 he began singing baritone for "Capital Ring". He is extremely passionate about Barbershop and is very excited about his future with VoCal." 

Kevin palmer
Morrie Schlesinger

Morrie Schlesinger, who has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for more than 15 years, began singing, publicly, at age 4. He sang professionally for several years with dance bands in Denver, Colorado as well as England. In addition to singing, he enjoys the camaraderie of the men of Voices of California and involvement in the administration of the chorus.


Morrie Schlesinger
Jim Minoudis, Music Librarian

Jim was born and raised a family in New England. He's been performing publicly since his youth. His voice teacher mentioned that her husband’s co-worker sang in a men's chorus and she advised him to give it a try. Jim joined the Barbershop Harmony Society, singing bass in 1989 with the New London Seanotes. His first and only competing quartet "By the Sound" was formed in 1991 and lasted until he moved to California in 1996. Jim subsequently joined the Sacramento Capitolaires in 2002 and the Voices of California in 2010.

Jim Minoudis
Brandon Dyer, Tenor Section Leader

Brandon Dyer 2013
Richard Kaiser, Board Member at Large,

Richard began singing 4-part harmony in a religious choir in third grade.  Joining the BHS in 2009 as a member of The Westchester Chordsmen,  he transferred his membership to VoCal in 2013 when he moved to Davis, CA.    At this writing, his work as a Board member-at-large for VoCal focuses on communicating to the VoCal Board issues brought to him by VoCal members considered of importance.  He also works to bring monies to VoCal's coffers through successful sales of Singing Valentines and the acquisition of grants.  He sings bass in the chorus and in a competition quartet.  He is a retired psychiatrist, who, when not involved with VoCal activities, bakes and cooks.


Richard Kaiser 1-7-17
 Derick Sturke, Board Member at Large

Charter Member Derick Sturke joined the Barbershop Harmony Society  in 2001, singing for the Golden Valley Chorus.  Derick served in several elected positions and jobs with the GVC as well as postions with the Far Western District and Harmony Foundation.   He has been with Voices of California since the very first rehearsal and has served in several areas including the Marketing Team, Social Media Coordiator and Web Content Team.  Outside of the chorus, Derick operates a small business in Oakdale, CA

 Derick Sturke 1-7-17













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